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  • Myo Lube

    A product that has been around since 1995 and is used by Massage Therapist, Physios, Reflexologists, Osteos and others

    Myolube is design to give a therapist to have some grib while also giving a little bit of slip to prevent friction burns

    I have know people to use it as an ointment base, hair wax,and lip barm

    Myolube comes in 100g, 250g and 1kg

    Material Saftey Data Sheet click here

  • Oil Bottle Holder

    The oil bottle holder is design to sit on the leg with the use of a T-bar ( for round legs) to allow you easy reach of your oil

    Click Here To See Other Uses for the Oil Bottle Holder

  • Lamidry Table Protector

    The ultimate protection for your massage table from oil and body sweat

  • Cupping Torch

    Provids a easy and comfortable was to maneuver your flame when doing flame cups